Operating In The Kingdom

While it is true that the kingdom of God is can be understood in a millenial aspect, it is also true that it can be understood to encompass God's entire economy; his way of operation. In terms of the operation of God in the affairs of his people, our responsibility is to listen and obey. God certainly has demonstrated this to me numerous times; most recently in the last few weeks. I have been expecting God to do something very simple, within his power, and within my right to have. He did do it, but completely not the way I was expecting. He did tell me that he was going to do it the way that he did, but I dismissed it as my own thoughts. I then got a message from someone saying the same thing, again I dismissed it. Finally, I got another message from someone else, completely unrelated to the other, saying the same thing! Even then I was still in denial that this is what God was going to do. I met with a friend yesterday and we were talking about what it means to operate in the kingdom: how to live the kingdom life now. During that conversation God reminded me of the three events. I was floored when I realized that I had been purposely ignoring the very power of God by trying to work my circumstances out myself. My friend, after I gave the testimony of God's operation in my life, was nearly in tears at how God was moving. And to think I was ignoring it. At this time looking back, I see myself as having been very selfish. I need to remember God has the right to dissapoint my way of thinking anytime to fulfill his purposes in the earth.