Whoa What Happened??

The following is from my wall on my facebook page... I have not altered any of the comments.

Lewis Palmer 'Bout to watch "The Passion of the Christ" with the family.
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Sammy Salinas
Sammy Salinas at 7:35pm June 9
Hey Lew, haven't seen that one. ;)
Let me know what you think. Blessings
Sonya Salinas
Sonya Salinas at 7:50pm June 9
Great acting, excellent dialogue in different dialects, amazing cinematography..... please do give a review.
Mike Berzins
Mike Berzins at 9:09pm June 9
I'm probably too late, but don't do it!
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 9:36pm June 9
It was very very good. First of all it is a movie it is not the bible. I do not think that Mel intended to teach us theology. We know (or have been told) Gibson is a committed Catholic. As such he professes to love the Jesus that died on the cross for him. I believe that Gibson, in the best way he knows how, is telling us this "love story" from ... Read Morehis perspective. The movie is very touching. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the crucifixion knows that it hurt. Gibson gives us a "glimpse" of what Jesus felt. I cried. Not because the acting was moving, but because the story is. Because He went through soooo much so that I could be with Him. This was but a small demonstration of how much He loves me. I was ashamed. I don't love others like that. I am ashamed to say that I am not as committed to the Father as Jesus is. (Reminds me of a David Crowder song "Remedy") And yet I am encouraged. This is an outstanding movie of one man's desire to show how much his Savior loved him.
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 9:47pm June 9
And the woman who played Mary is a porn star.
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 9:49pm June 9
Oh I suppose you were one of the righteous ones that Christ did not die for? Mr. Monty Python??
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 10:12pm June 9
I was not watching a porn flick, I was watching a movie about Jesus.
Sonya Salinas
Sonya Salinas at 10:18pm June 9
Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Wow...Mercy I think is what he's saying to give.. wouldn't you agree?
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 10:23pm June 9
I don't really understand your first comment.
If my once watching a 5 min. segment (in the holy grail where the night chops off the guys arms and legs and fake blood goes squirting) somehow justifies you watching movies. I repent. I repent anyway. I will never watch so called art made by unregenerate christ haters.
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 10:25pm June 9
The porn star part was just a fact that could be worked into your movie review.
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 10:29pm June 9
My only point (about monty) was that those who think it is ok to throw stones at sinners should duck.
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 10:34pm June 9
That's fine the mote is out of my eye, now I can see clearly to remove yours. "Friendship with the world is enmity with God". The Passion of the Christ shows "the lord" played by unsaved guy x walk by with his buttock exposed for this reason alone I would not recommend any follower of Christ to partake.
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 10:48pm June 9
No buttock... this was actually a point of comedy when we discovered how blinded by "zeal" we were to condemn something without fully hearing. Reminds me of Proverbs. Something about folly is answering a matter without hearing it. Thanks for exposing my mote. Is it gone now?
Nevets Standiford
Nevets Standiford at 10:48pm June 9
Passion of the Christ? Are you just kidding?
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 10:51pm June 9
I don't know Do you repent?
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 10:54pm June 9
I can send you a screenshot of the false lords hiny but i'd rather not.
Maybe you're getting to used to mild porn to know the difference?
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 10:56pm June 9
Oh... I missed it. I was supposed to repent of something? I suppose I should repent of not being as narrow minded as others I know... Maybe I should repent for not being harsh and calling it love... Ummm no I do not repent.
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 10:59pm June 9
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 11:07pm June 9
Faithful [are] the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy [are] deceitful.
"Maybe I should repent for not being harsh and calling it love.." you've been reading Olsteen?
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 11:10pm June 9
That is very interesting. "you've been reading Olsteen?" Can you see that all you are doing is fault finding. Nothing else to do but debate about what others are doing or not doing. Is anyone seeking the Lord till He comes?? :)
Nevets Standiford
Nevets Standiford at 11:13pm June 9
Lewis brother you know that I think very highly of you. You are a blessing to me.
Check this out. If we find ourselves viewing something in a 'cavalier' manner, things that we would have never watched before, and then find ourselves partaking, then we should see some red flag, right? Remember how you got on to me about Veggie Tales one time? Don't... Read More you think that this goes way beyond Larry the Cucumber? You had been very serious before about our Lord being portrayed by 'Hollywood', a group that goes against the Body of Christ at every turn.

Lewis are you kidding about watching this movie? Are you doing some kind of secret test on us??
If so, please don't trick me brother...
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer at 11:28pm June 9
I have watched in a 'cavalier' manner a movie that is a portrayal of the Christ that the man says he believes in. Is the only contradiction that one has to the movie is because it was made in Hollywood? There is no cussing, no nudity, nothing at all ungodly, but because it was made in Hollywood it is wrong. Do you think something is wrong with that... Read More conclusion? Hollywood is a business like the one that you work at. They employ unbelievers and yet you do not "abstain from the appearance of evil" in the work place.
Scott Romack at 11:38pm June 9
I do not work with unbelievers.
Hey, Las Vegas is only a business too?
Jeff Hayden
Jeff Hayden at 11:39pm June 9
I cant take it anymore you people down at Kingdom have lost your minds !!!! I do mean that exactly as it sounds too. What has gone wrong with you people. All you do is sit around and condemn other people from the pedestal that you have placed yourselves on. At one time you were not all like this but it seems as you all have gone completely off the ... Read Moredeep end and convinced each other that you are the most Holy people on the Earth and it is somehow your jobs now to show everyone else how they should be more like you. Good grief. SHUT UP ALREADY !!! Leaving that Church was the best thing I ever did for my family. I didn't realize just how judgmental everyone was until I got away from you people for a while. Now I listen to some of the goings on down there and look at postings like this and I have never seen so clearly what a bunch of self righteous group you people really are. Gee ... its no wonder so many marriages have split up down there. Isnt it always the person that leaves fault too!
Scott Romack
Scott Romack at 11:39pm June 9
"He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain [persons is] void of understanding."