God in us as life

God In Us As Life
Text: Ephesians 1
Believers are possessors of eternal life. However not all believers as possessed by eternal life. For some they are conducting themselves as if they were “mere men.” Believers are not just “mortal beings” that will live for ever at some time in the future. We have God’s life in us. God’s life is not only eternal in duration but eternal in quality. This life cannot be disturbed by the effects of time or circumstances or limited by the laws that govern the physical. We are the expression of God in the earth because we are His body. The body should be animated by His life.
Believing takes the “cap” off of our limited thinking. Unbelief is what seals us from experiencing the divine life. Believing brings us to the place where the things that are possible with God are possible with us. It is not believing something that is not true but believing the very promises of God. For instance it is written “I shall never leave thee nor forsake the...” We get the call from God to “leave our father’s house and kindred” and we don’t “see” how this is going to work out. We have two choices 1.) leave as the commandment stated or 2.) decided that it was not the command of God and stay. Staying is proof that we do not believe God. This unbelief “limits” the work of God in our lives. Leaving, on the other hand, proves that we believe God and though we don’t “see” how it will all work out, we know that He will never leave us nor forsake us. This will put us in a position to see the power of God; His life manifested through our mortal bodies (Romans 8:11). Unbelief and doubt will limit the flow of God’s life through us.